Our mission

If we want to keep enjoying both meat and our planet, it is high time we changed the manner of obtaining meat. Fortunately, we already know that such a change is within our reach.

LabFarm is a company driven by a genuine love for animals and the environment as well as by a desire to provide consumers with delicious and ethical meat products. We are the first Polish team applying specialized knowledge and advanced technologies to create real meat without exploiting animals.

Clean meat responds to the challenges of the 21st century. We strongly believe that it will not only strengthen food security for the ever-growing population but also expand the offer of food products for consumers who care about both animal welfare and the state of the environment.

Clean meat


Industrial livestock production is having a devastating impact on our planet. Livestock takes up nearly 80% of global agricultural land and contributes an estimated 20% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Now we can finally stop consuming our planet while still enjoying meat.


Our Team

LabFarm comprises ambitious and creative bioengineers, scientists and businesspeople.

We share our knowledge and experience to pose bold questions and answer them through rigorous research.


Stay up to date with the latest information on cell-cultured meat and our recent activities at LabFarm.

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